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We use components from the world leaders in the production of electrical equipment - CNCElectric, ETI, Electronicon.

We provide a guarantee for the entire installation for 36 months!

What does ACCU consist of


Capacitor battery

The main element of the plant that compensates for the reactive power. It is the quality of the capacitor batteries that determines the efficiency and service life of the compensation plant.

We use world class capacitors - CNCElectric, ETI, Electronicon. The efficiency of the installation, together with other factors, is determined by a properly selected control step (capacity of the smallest capacitor) and the number of control steps.

To complete your installation, we will select a more optimal set of capacitors, which will fit the mode of electricity consumption in your company and will not overpay for extra capacitors that will not be involved in the installation.

The capacitance line of the capacitors we use is 2.5 kVar, 5.0 kVar, 10 kVar, 15 kVar, 20 kVar, 25 kVar, 50 kVar.


Introductory apparatus

Used to protect or switch the electrical installation. May be:

  • On the fuse holders,
  • On a circuit breaker,
  • On the fuse box,
  • On load switches and switches.
  • Missing

Capacitor protection device

As a rule, we use fuses (block breakers with fuses), but at the request of the customer we can complete with circuit breakers.


Switching Devices

Designed to connect capacitors to the mains.

Modern capacitor units operate in automatic mode, performing automatic switching on and off of capacitor batteries depending on the size of the reactive component in the electrical network.

  • Capacitor Contactors
  • Thyristor capacitors for capacitors

Reactive power regulator

Keeps track of active and reactive power components, measuring instantaneous voltage and current values.

Based on these measurements, the phase shift between current and voltage is calculated, and this value is compared with the preset value cosφ. Depending on the actual deviation of the power factor, the controller commands to control the capacitor batteries with a minimum response time of 4 seconds (programmable). Selected depending on the number of degrees:

  • 6 Degrees (2-6 Degrees)
  • 12 Degrees (7-12 Degrees)

Installation shell

Usually we use a box of Ukrainian protection grade 31 or 54:

  • Powder-coated metal box;
  • Stainless steel metal box;
  • Plastic strength box.

The equipment listed above is basic for ACC-0,4

Additionally installed:


Climatic equipment

Ventilation grilles with fan and temperature sensor

  • Filter Grids
  • Fan Grids
  • Filters

Impulse surge protection (OPN)

  • Valve arresters
  • Pulse surge suppressors

Instrumentation and measuring instruments

All components are subject to input control, and the installation itself must be tested before shipment.